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Weight Loss

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Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
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Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
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Hoodia Diet Pills
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Hoodia Plus with Green Tea

Occasionally a company comes up with a diet product that breaks all "the rules" and makes it possible to achieve the impossible!

Hoodia Plus with Green Tea is such a product.

We all know this: It is not easy being overweight.

And most of us have been there: excited about trying a new diet only to find out that it's not really working for us. And so without further ado, let us tell you that Hoodia, in spite of its incredible weight loss properties will not compensate for an out of whack diet that throws caution to the wind. If you are intending to purchase our product but have no intention of making some (small and gradual) changes to your current life, then don't waste your money. Hoodia is really incredible at helping people lose weight but if you eat like your life didn't depend on it, then even Hoodia won't be able to help you.

But if your goal is to enjoy a vibrant health, feel great about yourself and finally lose weight then by all means: Hoodia Plus is the diet pill for you!

Thousands or people achieve their goals with Hoodia Plus. With the right motivation you too can:

  • Lose weight
  • Look good
  • Feel great
  • Achieve Health and fitness for a life time
  • Go to any shop and buy any clothes you want
  • Go out with friends with confidence knowing that the attention you attract is not because you are overweight but because you look incredible
  • Add years to your life. (Let's face, life expectancy for people who are overweight doesn't make for happy reading.)

Hoodia Diet Pills. Do you need to pay those exorbitant rates?

If you are reading this page, chances are you already know about the benefits of Hoodia Diet Pills and have chosen this product to help you finally lose the weight that has dragged you down all these months and years.

You will also no doubt have seen dozens of websites out there advertising their own brand of Hoodia Gordonii. Websites all over the place sell this product because it works! Simple as that. And they'll use any method or advertisement in order to get you to become their customers meaning that after a while of trying to make some sense of the data they present you, you, the customer will likely not know who to believe and what brand of Hoodia you should trust. Here is how they attract their customers attention:

  • "The only Certified Hoodia Gordonii around."
    You will no doubt have seen claims that such and such product is the only "certified" Hoodia Gordonii around and anything else is just garbage. Some websites even display "certificate of authenticity" which supposedly attests to the fact that their brand of Hoodia is the only one worth purchasing. They even display pretty graphs with a comparative analysis of their product compared to others (which they refer to as Company "A", Company "B"..) and of course their product always come up first.
  • "Hoodia Scam Exposed."
    And what about the pontificating leading claim: "I got scammed. You don't have to. Read Before wasting Money on Hoodia". Let's face it: If you are interested in incorporating Hoodia into your lifestyle and see a claim that people got scammed with Hoodia, then you'd surely want to investigate these claims and try to know all about them.
    - Most of us have been victims to the claims of car dealerships advertising cars for a very low price only to find out when we visit said dealership that the advertised car has just been sold.This is well known practice where the aim is to get people into a store.
    - Likewise with the Scam Exposed claim. Read further into the claim and you all of a sudden discover that buying a Hoodia product that this particular website is not selling is what is referred to as a scam. No data is given as to why the claims that a scam took place, only a series of testimonials which of course can be debated.
  • Which Hoodia Brands Work? An Independent Comparative Study.
    In the scope of things this one takes some beating. Presented as part as a thesis project (they're not doctors but hey put the words students and thesis together and all of a sudden the claims become.."doctoral"). In the process, another comparative study with affiliate links to the manufacturers websites.

The truth is:

Hoodia Gordonii is incredible at it what it does: suppress your appetite.
When you do not feel hungry all the time, you inevitably start to eat less.
When you eat less you lose weight!
Hoodia Gordonii is an extract of a cactus like plant that grows mainly in South Africa (although it is also grown in other parts of our planet)
Most Hoodia Brands purchase their core Hoodia from the same source.
We purchase our own core Hoodia from these very sources.
Most Hoodia Products out there offer similar potency.
Our very own Hoodia Plus is just as potent as the rest of them but has the added advantage of extra Green Tea.
Most Hoodia Diet Pills are exorbitantly priced.
We have the best price in town.

What is the best way to lose weight with Hoodia.

We are all creatures of habits. We didn't get the way we are over night and the process by which we put on weight stretched over several years, if not a life time. During this period, we taught ourselves to eat a certain way and the result is that our lifestyle and eating habits are not what they should be. Many overweight people face health problems that are frankly frightening and the sad part is that most of us feel overwhelmed and unable to do anything to stop this downwards spiraling process to really bad health and possibly death.

What is certain is that crash diets do not work. More importantly, the idea of dieting is rarely conducive to sustainable weight loss so much so that many diet experts are now claiming that diets simply don't work.

So what do we need to do to lose weight then?

Change our lifestyle, one pound at the time. Hoping to change habits gathered over a life time are simply unrealistic and inevitably lead to failure. Very few of us can make a sweeping decision to drastically change our lifestyle at once and be able to maintain these changes. As we have said before, we are indeed creatures of habits and the bad habits we all have need to be changed gradually, one pound at the time.

Hoodia and weight loss
Known and used for nearly 20,000 years by indigenous people of the South African desert who have used this cactus like plant as an appetite suppressant during their hunting and other long trips, it is only recently that Hoodia was discovered by the Western World. The rest is how the say goes: history! And thus you find yourself at the point where a decision needs to be taken. "Whom should you purchase your Hoodia from?"

Why Buy Hoodia from us

Our Own Brand Hoodia Gordonii is made of 100 % real Hoodia Gordonii.
We have added Green Tea to this highly powerfull Hoodia Diet.
We offer a full money back guarantee.
We have the best price in town.


For starters we truly have a great product. Made of 100% real Hoodia Gordonii harvested in South Africa, our Hoodia pills contain no fillers or other cheap ingredients. Our product is truly as potent as the rest of them but has an extra punch added to it: Green Tea. Indeed, in addition to the great properties of Hoodia, we have also added another well known weight loss ingredient: Green Tea.

Together, we are convinced they offer the best combination of two of nature's most potent weight loss ingredients.

We are so sure our product will work for you that we offer a 100 % money back guarantee.

Another Reason Why You Should Buy Hoodia From Us?


HoodiBurn Hoodi Thin Hoodia P57 Hoodia Prime Hoodia Plus with Green Tea
Price per bottle $39.95 $59.95 $49.99 $57 $49.95       $16.95

How Can We Offer Hoodia For Such A Low Price?
We are the manufacturers. We do not have fancy affiliate programs and work directly with the public. In other words, we don't increase our prices in order to cut a share of the profit for our affiliates and we pass the savings we make in the process on to you. Fancy that: A company that is committed to offer its product at a fair price.

Click here to purchase --> One Bottle of Hoodia with Green Tea at $29.95 (Instead of $49.95)








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Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
Grapefruit Solution - One month supply
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As Seen on TV

The Grapefruit Solution and Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills have been the subjects of scientific and rigorous Lab Testing.

In addition grapefruits are known to promote significant weight loss both in the short and long term by the John Hopkins Weight Management Center. (Remember that our tablets are made of 100 % pure organic grapefruits pulverized with very little loss)